Town Management Ltd.

Development, modernisation, quality service

Following the transformation of the legal predecessor, the Town Management Ltd. in Kecskemét has been operating as an economic comapny since 1993. The company is owned by the self-government of Kecskemét in 100%; the tree main fields of activity are waste management, park maintenance and undertaking service. The activity is done according to the order of the self-government, the inhabitants and the enterpreneurs. The number one customer is the town of Kecskemét but they also try to expand their activity outside the town.
There are two other settlements joint to the delivery of the waste and there are likely to be some others as well.
The Town Management Ltd. arranges the maintenance of parks, undertakes the forming and nursing of alleys, parks, gardens, the design and execution of playgrounds, pavements; it realises covers for pavements, as well as plants grown in Kecskemét. It is the task of the company to maintain the cemetery in Kecskemét; the company offers undertaking services and deal wiht selling products for udnertaking as well.